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In-House vs Outsourcing Digital Marketing | Pros and Cons | Sawtru Boost

By taking a glance at the difference between in-house and outsourcing marketing, let's consider the long-conditions goals of a company. Such goals may be excessively ambitious compared to their current resources. It’s unlikely to achieve these goals simply as it needs an agency to help in setting the company’s goals and how to achieve them.

Bear in mind poor management, ineffective marketing, and powerless customer service can all lead to slow growth and inactivity.

Whatever the reason, seeking a second opinion from an expert on the subject can reinvigorate a company and spur growth.

The importance of in-house marketing is up to the presence of technical cadres and trained staff to be an effective option.

At the same time, in-house marketing has become traditional in order to achieve the company's mission.

As most companies today are looking for outsourcing marketing to carry out their marketing strategy using a specific technique.

Apart from the wages and salaries of the employees working for the company, there are other additional costs of equipment, tools and special training for the work crews that make this in-house marketing a very expensive option.

The importance of in-house marketing today is no longer at the forefront of marketing strategies.

Recently, there has been another way to get your cadre of employees hired with their entire recruitment fees and the tools they need.

For instance, marketing tools, e-marketing platforms or media monitoring software, playback materials, and reporting supplies all through an outsource special agency.

This outsource agency focuses on the company's growth and prosperity and leads it to achieve its vision.

Instead of wasting the company's time setting long-conditions goals that are difficult to reach, in case this company relies on its current in-house resources only.

So what is the concept of in-house marketing?

The Concept of In-house Marketing

The concept of in-house marketing means that the company uses its direct tools (employees) in order to carry out all marketing activities.

As the company doesn’t seek any help from outsourcing means whether individuals or organizations to achieve its vision.

In this context, the concept of in-house marketing expresses the mechanism of in-house marketing strategy as follows:

In-house Marketing Strategy

In-house marketing strategy adopts and dedicates all of the company staff to make the greatest control over the company's schedules and budget.

That is for making the coordination of the marketing strategy a priority in the process of the in-house marketing strategy.

The support of marketing staff and relevant experts has a greater impact on the proper functioning and success of the in-house marketing strategy.

As they have the greatest influence on the progress of advertising campaigns and have the best opportunities and quick access to stakeholders.

To some extent, the purpose of in-house marketing strategy is to attract the best cadres and encourage them by all means with motivation to do their work in the best way.

In-house marketing strategy also leads to the development of the knowledge aspect between in-house and outsource customer by reducing all the gaps that impede the progress and success of the marketing plan in order to activate all the characteristics of in-house marketing, which are:

Characteristics of In-house Marketing

The characteristics of in-house marketing include both social and administrative aspects.

The social aspect is one of characteristics of  in-house marketing, looking for strengthening the bonds and interaction between employees and the existing company.

That could be achieved by securing a proper atmosphere for social interaction such as public security, a sense of belonging, friendship, and working as one harmonized unity.

With regards to administrative aspects of the characteristics of in-house marketing, it pursues the validation of expertise and skills of the staff and their actual efficiency.

If they carry out all activities that would strengthen their presence and lead them in dealing with clients even from abroad.

In-house Marketing Conditions

In order to reach a skilled and experienced in-house marketing team,  in-house marketing conditions must be met.

These in-house marketing conditions are mainly represented in financing capacity such as:

  • It saves staff operating costs:

    • One of the most important conditions for in-house marketing is allocating a specific and sufficient budget.

    • In-house marketing cost has to be monitored for the in-house marketing team.

    • No matter if it’s for advertising costs, salaries, wages, or any other recruitment fees for human resources management.

  • Training and development employees:

    • Before the staff team takes over the work, it is necessary to be fully and comprehensively briefed on all work data, conditions and exact details.

    • The training period may take approximately three months to fully engage with the work.

    • Therefore, salaries have to be prepared in advance for the entire training phase and other initial expenses.

  • Employees compensation:

    • After completing the pilot phase by the staff, staff salary budget who have proven their worth to permanently join in-house marketing, has to get prepared.

    • As a top of in-house marketing conditions is the financial readiness to cover at least the average salaries for one year in advance.

  • Additional costs:

    • One of in-house marketing conditions is the necessity for a stockpile in case of any additional costs or sudden fees could result from in-house marketing.

    • To know whether in-house marketing outweighs outsourcing marketing or vice versa, it is required to analyze The relationship between in-house and outsourcing marketing:

The Relationship Between In-house and Outsourcing Marketing

The relationship between in-house and outsourcing marketing is paradoxical. As if there is a need for in-house marketing, the need for the outsourcing marketing decreases and vice versa.

There is an urgent need for outsourcing marketing for the company or the work system, whether it is an institution or an organization, when the profits expected from using an outsourcing agency exceed the profits that can be raised by in-house marketing team alone.

To clarify The relationship between in-house and outsourcing marketing, let’s have an example of Forrester company in the United States when it adopted an outsourcing agency.

As the company found when comparing in-house and outsourcing marketing, the profits quadrupled by using an outsourcing digital marketing agency.

So what is outsourcing marketing?

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What Is Outsourcing Marketing?

Outsourcing marketing approach is followed in e-marketing when an e-marketing agency is hired from outsourcing sources.

Such an e-marketing agency is considered as a third party fully managing the whole e-marketing process.

Starting from creating content or carrying out marketing activities that the company adopts to promote the business and work on its development.

So what is outsourcing marketing? It means that you get professional skills through one agent and within one stage.

It does not require a long-term process to reach the required level of professionalism.

Since the concept of outsourcing marketing would provide a new perspective and help you frameworking the aspects of your business and develop another approach to marketing.

The concept of outsourcing marketing leads to a more consistent look and creates a storytelling content of your brand in a more engaging and creative way.

In other words, the concept of outsourcing marketing is the fast and professional outsourcing tool to identify new channels to reach a wider audience.

Outsourcing marketing is an e-marketing agency with an extensive knowledge of the market and how to compete.

So how in-house vs outsourcing digital marketing is determined by the following points:

In-house vs Outsourcing Digital Marketing

To demonstrate how in-house vs outsourcing digital marketing, here's a statistic by Forrester Research.

The advisory company has found that more than 53% of marketing executives plan to outsource more than half of their job responsibilities.

Thus to increase the productivity of your business, you need more than just a talented in-house marketer.

You also need a well-thought-out marketing strategy.

It should include elements of direct marketing, public relations, social media, search engine optimization, web development, copywriting, and creative design among others.

In addition, you should engage professionals from a range of other marketing-related fields in order to follow these outsourcing marketing steps:

Outsourcing Marketing Steps

Outsourcing marketing process could take place successfully when the digital marketing is outsourced by an outsourcing agency or employee.

The outsourcing agency can handle some or all aspects of the digital marketing strategy very well.

However, the most important outsourcing marketing steps when outsourcing digital marketing are:

Define Your Goals

Top of outsourcing marketing steps is to start up by defining your business goals and what you hope to achieve by outsourcing digital marketing.

Find Potential Partners

Look for reputable digital marketing agencies and professionals such as social media management and SEO.

Evaluation of Potential Partners

During the outsourcing marketing steps, you should evaluate potential partners based on their experience, portfolio, and testimonials.

Determine the Scope and Budget

Work with your chosen agent to determine the scope of work, including the services they will provide, and the criteria they will track so that you should never forget to set a budget that matches your goals and resources.

Monitor Progress and Results

Regularly monitor your agent's progress, workflow, and results to ensure they meet your expectations and deliver a positive return on investment.

Maintain Constant and Open Communication

Maintain open communication with your agent to foster a collaborative and productive relationship. In addition to providing feedback and constructive criticism to help them improve services and achieve the best results.

So an outsourcing agency can provide great and effective marketing for your company professionally and independently.

An outsourcing agent will keep on working on your marketing strategy so that your brand achieves its goals to attract and motivate customers.

It is not always better to have an in-house marketing mechanism through in-house staff with the knowledge and skills, especially when organizing and implementing campaigns will be held in other locations.

Any agency with a global network will be able to provide you with the necessary in-country talent, capabilities, and local insights to launch your campaign quickly and effectively.

But that does not negate the pros of in-house marketing. The main pros of in-house marketing include:

The Pros of In-house Marketing

  • Deep understanding of the brand and product:

One of the most important pros of in-house marketing is the team's overall familiarity with the company's product and culture. Therefore, they are able to easily determine which approaches work best for the company. That contains the most appropriate topics to write about, the best keywords to use, and the most accurate ways to attract a target audience.

  • Devotion:

Since your in-house marketing team knows your company well and works exclusively for your company, they put more dedication into their work. Dedication and interest in your work are additional boosters to the motivation of the team members.

  • Strong connection and solidarity:

Working as a team to achieve your goals over time is bound to bind people together. Therefore, creating good team spirit can positively impact your team's performance outcomes.

  • Fast connection and easy access:

An in-house team will provide you with much faster communication paths because you are working together in the same space. Even if you have remote workers on your team, you can at least notify them quickly and expect a quick response time. However, working with a digital marketing agency requires scheduling meetings with multiple people at once, which can be very challenging.

The pros of in-house marketing are numerous, but there are also cons of in-house marketing:

The Cons of In-house Marketing

In contrast to the many pros of in-house marketing, there are some cons of in-house marketing:

  • In-house marketing is financially expensive: One of the cons of in-house marketing is that it requires a high financial cost. Compared to hiring an outsourcing e-marketing agency, in-house marketing cost of recruitment stage to exorbitant salaries and other additional costs.

  • Limited cognition and knowledge: In-house marketing teams deal with a single organization and its products or services. Therefore, over time they become focused on developing a limited cognition, which prevents them from thinking outside the box.

  • Limited experience: Let's just compare the experience of the in-house marketing team with a digital marketing agency. The marketing agency deals with multiple clients of different types so that these agencies have practical experience in different types of companies. In contrast, the in-house team is limited to a specific company.

In general, to determine how in-house vs outsourcing digital marketing, let’s consider the importance of in-house marketing as a better option if you have the financial capability to hire many individuals with different skills and sufficient work for everyone.

At the same time, in-house marketing is not an attractive option if you do not have sufficient resources or if you are just starting a small business.

In-house marketing costs could be covered with outsourcing marketing.

In other words: if you only need to handle one component, you can hire one in-house person while factoring in the cost of in-house marketing.

If you want to create a comprehensive marketing strategy from the scratch, working with an outsourcing agency could be a better solution.

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FAQs about the In-house vs Outsourcing Digital Marketing

Which is better, in-house marketing or outsourcing marketing?

Both in-house marketing and outsourcing marketing are highly effective during the marketing process. If the financial ability is available to employ many employees with different skills, then in-house marketing is a desirable option.

Is in-house marketing expensive?

Yes. In-house marketing needs high funding and an exorbitant budget in order to employ a number of highly qualified individuals and then train them by providing all the equipment and supplies that need a high cost.

What are the cons of in-house marketing?

The cons of in-house marketing are the high financial cost, limited knowledge without going out of the ordinary, and limited experience as a result.

When is outsourcing marketing a better option?

If you want to create a structure and strategy for a comprehensive marketing that penetrates the market then outsourcing marketing is the best.

What are the pros of in-house marketing?

The pros of in-house marketing are numerous in the accurate understanding of the brand, teamwork, and strong connection between business members, as well as the speed and ease of communication between individuals.